Don Whyte, CEO

As we complete our 23rd year of operation, I find great satisfaction in all that NCCER has accomplished! With hundreds of thousands of students, instructors and craft professionals annually building careers and benefiting from NCCER services and 20 million module completions nearing a reality, I am proud of the work our staff and stakeholders have done to support our industry. To continue to further our mission to create a safe, productive and sustainable workforce of craft professionals, NCCER has focused on providing innovative workforce development delivery technologies that appeal to and attract the next generation of workers while giving our industry partners the tools to efficiently train and retain their employees.

To that end, our online testing system offers familiarity for the next generation of workers – true digital natives accustomed to technology – and ease of use for instructors and trainers. With over 1 million tests already processed through the system, the NCCER Testing System simplifies administrative duties, increases testing integrity and improves security.

In 2019, we delivered nearly 200 hours of webinar training to help organizations begin online testing and better learn other related NCCER digital resources. In addition, the testing system interface is translated into Spanish, French and Russian to support both domestic and global programs with non-English speaking students.

Proceeding with our digital transformation, we continue to update curriculum on a modular basis, as needed. When complete, this will allow for real-time content maintenance and ultimately more up-to-date curricula. Through 2019, over 70% of our curricula is now in digital form.

Recognizing that seven out of 10 jobs require less than a four-year degree, credentials remain a critical component of our industry’s workforce development system. To ensure the clarity and long-term integrity of NCCER credentials, the National Craft Assessment and Certification Program is transitioning our journeyman credential terminology. The highest-level certification credential offered by NCCER has been renamed from “Certified Plus” to simply “Certified.” The benefits and recognition currently provided by contractors and owners for this certification should remain the same since the process to obtain this credential has not changed.

With the primary goal of reaching and educating parents and influencers about the construction industry and its rewarding career opportunities, Build Your Future Today was launched in 2019. A study we conducted of parents’ opinions of career options for their children helped shape materials developed for Build Your Future Today. Resources available include the influencer-dedicated website (discover.byf.org), “Build Your Outreach: Research & Marketing Resource Guide” specifically for our industry, and social media campaign kits. The strides we have made in identifying barriers to entry for younger generations will only serve to allow us to reach new demographics of workers. In fact, the new influencer-dedicated website reached over 75,000 users in its first year while the resource guide has been downloaded over 300 times.

As the nation faces the retirement of its seasoned craft professionals, loss will also be felt throughout the leadership ranks of contractor, owner and service organizations. To this end, we welcomed Boyd Worsham as president in late 2018, and he has progressively assumed responsibility for the day-to-day operation and oversight of NCCER. Our succession plan will conclude in early 2021 as I retire after 30 years of service to NCCER.

As we move into 2020, I am confident of the great successes that NCCER and our industry will continue to accomplish together for many years to come. Looking forward, as I begin the final year of my NCCER journey, I do so knowing that I will leave NCCER in the hands of the capable leaders and talented staff that have helped make NCCER what it is today. I thank them for all they have done and know the future is bright for NCCER. Finally, I want to thank all of you for the distinct honor of serving you and this great industry!


Donald E. Whyte




With Gen Z set to become a fifth of the working population by 2021 and 40% of seasoned craft professionals estimated to retire within the next 10 years, it is critical to keep recruitment and education at the forefront of our industry. While serving as the 2019 NCCER Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the priority NCCER places on decreasing the shortage of skilled workers was ever-present. 

 NCCER’s commitment to meeting the industry’s skilled workforce needs has never been stronger. This is evident in its ever-expanding digital environment where product development processes are being transformed and streamlined and NCCER’s online testing system is making module testing easier than ever. Since its introduction to NCCER’s digital resources, more than 1 million module tests have been processed. 

A cross our nation, industry-recognized credentials and certifications are key elements in recruiting, hiring and developing craft professionals. As one of the top workforce development and credentialing organizations in the United States, NCCER must ensure the clarity and long-term integrity of its credentials. To this end, NCCER’s National Craft Assessment and Certification Program is transitioning the journeyman credential terminology to simply “Certified.” Please visit www.nccer.org for more information.

To serve as the 2019 NCCER Chairman of the Board of Trustees has been my privilege. Our industry is powered by people and there is no issue more important than recruiting, educating, and retaining our current and future workforce. I remain steadfast in my commitment to support NCCER now and in the future. 

Andy Dupuy
Chief Executive Officer of Brown & Root
2019 Chairman of the NCCER Board of Trustees