Recognizing the influence that parents, educators, counselors and other stakeholders have in young people’s lives, NCCER’s Build Your Future initiative expanded to include resources for these populations. Based on comprehensive research, including behavioral marketing, social media campaigns, parent survey and videos, our findings are compiled into a new website geared toward influencers and playbook specifically for construction recruitment efforts.


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Developed to provide parents, educators and counselors with the facts about careers in construction, this website features:

  • Overview of the industry and types of construction projects.
  • Career success stories from craft professionals.
  • Blogs with key industry facts and stats.
  • Timeline for students to plan their future careers.
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NCCER deployed a survey to parents in Virginia in March 2019, researching perceptions of careers in the construction industry. These results helped shape the messaging of BYF Today and refined perception enhancement opportunities for reaching parents.

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Key Results


would be unlikely to advise their child to choose a career in construction, but


would be supportive if their child pursued a career in construction


considered job security and availability important


feel that the industry is unsafe


agree that a college degree is vital to a good career

Survey Details

514 parents

Survey was open
for 3 weeks

67% of respondents
were women

68% were in the
35 – 54 age group


NCCER published the innovative “Build Your Outreach: Research & Marketing Resource Guide” as part of its Build Your Future (BYF) recruitment initiative. This resource offers research, analysis and guidance to enable the construction industry to effectively reach out to parents and influencers of students, shift perceptions and highlight the benefits of a career in construction.

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